Sodium tetraarylborate salts Na[BAr4] (Ar = C6H5 (Ph), p-CH3C6H4 (p-Tol), p-FC6H4) are found to be efficient arylating species for a range of bismuth(III) aromatic and aliphatic carboxylates Bi(Hsal*)3 (H2sal* = 2-hydroxybenzoic acid (H2sal), 4-methyl-2-hydroxybenzoic acid (H2sal4Me), and 3-methoxy-2-hydroxybenzoic acid (H2sal3OMe) and Bi(O2CR)3 (R = Me CMe3 and CF3) to produce triarylbismuth compounds. It has been shown that the arylbismuth disalicylates BiPh(Hsal)2 and Bi(p-Tol)(Hsal)2 exhibit similar reactivity in refluxing THF and may be used to produce mixed arylbismuthines BiPhx(p-Tol)3-x. Formation of arylbismuth compounds was confirmed by IR, 1H, 11B, 13C, 19F, NMR, mass-spectrometry and X-ray crystallography. This is a facile synthesis of both symmetrical and unsymmetrical triarylbismuthines involving the aryl group transfer from the tetraarylborate-ions to bismuth(III) under mild conditions.